Advisory to all Students appearing for Mains 2018

Dear Students,
This is to request to all of you appearing for Mains 2018. Every year a Lot of candidates end up wasting their time by way of falling sick. Please take care of the following to avoid falling sick before the exams.

Please wear full selves cloths and full length shoes during the day time to avoid bitten by Dengue mosquitoes. Wear shoes instead of slippers to protect yourself.
Drink plenty of water or other fluids. If you are consuming fluids from outside, only go for bottled water or boiled things such as hot tea/ coffee. Do not drink outside water or water that you cannot trust.

Use All Out / Any other mosquito repellent during the day to avoid mosquitoes. In case your area has more mosquitoes than average, use a mosquito repellent body cream etc.
Due to weather change, a lot of people catch cold or other viral. Use a hand sanitiser for the next 20 days to keep yourself free from getting sick. Know that due to exam stress, you may already be having low immunity.

Do not eat outside food. If you essentially have to because you are staying away from home, make sure that you only eat fresh food, and preferably hot food. Do not eat cut fruits in the open or any watery evening food such as golgappa / panipuri.
From now onwards try to improve your sleep cycle, so that by the time of the examination, you are in fully alert condition at 9AMish when your exam will commence. Slowly and slowly late night studies have to make way for day time studies.

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