Lithuania Couples Things you can do

Whether you happen to be planning your honeymoon or you just want to move away from the city, Lithuania has a selection of things to do which is to be perfect for you and your partner.

First off, there are plenty of charming hot air balloon rides that will whisk you and your loved one over a city views for the purpose of an unforgettable experience. The costs for these routes have lately dropped therefore it’s a great way have fun with the scenery of the metropolis and country.

Should you be looking for a thing more effective, try a boat tour or hiking inside the national recreation area. During cold months, many people like to skiing and enjoy the natural beauty of Lithuania.

You can even visit a few museums in Lithuania that will educate you on the culture and history of the region. These museums often highlight the harshest elements of the country’s lithuanian women past and are a must-see for everyone interested in exploring the country’s profound history.

The Museum of Genocide Victims (Vilnius: Lietuvos Juru Muziejus) is an incredible historical financial institution that takes you through the harsh and chaotic past of Lithuania. You will see about the repression and genocide that Lithuania endured throughout the Nazi occupation, as well as the Holocaust, and exactly how it continually affect the people today.

Another captivating museum is definitely the Europos Park, which is home to numerous amazing artworks from around the globe. You’ll look for a wide range of art styles, colours, and means.

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