Patna Centre Noticeboard

This is the Official page for Patna Centre. This noticeboard will be used as a single platform to share every and any details and updates related to Patna Centre. Please bookmark it ( ) if you seek to not miss any updates regarding Patna Centre. Appointment System for Availing Mentorship at ForumIAS:   […]

Answer Writing Group (AWG) 2019 | Student Noticeboard

Note: This is the Master Noticeboard for AWG 2019. Please bookmark this page. Its address is Update 4: 15/06/19 List of Students recommended for AWG program through Entrance tests on 8th June & 10th June: CLICK HERE Update 3: 08/06/19 2nd Entrance Test of AWG will be held on 10th June, Monday at 11 […]